November 12, 2008


much to do
makes me blue
i have no time
to make this rhyme
need to learn
or grades will burn
for they will show
that i don't know
how to account
without a doubt

November 5, 2008


To the polls the citizens went
their goal: elect a new president.
Hours later the results came in,
all standing by, waiting to hear who will win.
The races were near,
the states red and blue;
their polices, dear
and quickly we knew.
Mister Obama, our leader elect.
Our country's future he must not neglect.

November 3, 2008


with such tasks so futile
this should not be brutal
but come easy success does not
instead we spend hours
with all our brain powers
and do all the work that we ought
to receive such results
all momentum it haults
despite all things we've been taught
one might just stop trying
academically dying
when all work ethic's been shot

November 2, 2008


the leaves start to fall
time begins to crawl
we're still halfway from quarter's end.
I do my school work
in my room I lurk
the hour I try to suspend.
after coffee with friends
the day quickly ends
the twilight approaches with haste.
An hour too dim
I live on a whim
the evening I'd rather not waste.

November 1, 2008

el día de los muertos

Las calaveras decorate
for this day many could not wait;
to honor those who are now late
this is a time to celebrate.
In hopes that family will come there
the alters offer gifts with care.
A child licks a candy head
while his mother makes the bread.
Soon they'll leave for the cemetery,
for such a place, the mood is merry.
They open up their picnic lunch,
for many hours they will munch.
Among the sea of marigolds
they dance to songs of new and old.
The candle flames all night burn gold
while tales and anecdotes are told.